Happy Holidays Everyoneeeee! hehe
Christina procrastinated at 3:27 PM


ha! i knew it was this blog and not my own BEFORE i posted anything this time haha. it's aliiiive.... okay i should really be writing a paper, but you see, this thing still fulfills it's purpose--procrastinating!
Freesha procrastinated at 4:12 PM

wow no way, this blog is still alive?! *gasp* hi guys. :)

haha all these previous posts have been posted before i even started school this semester...muahaha. anyways. just saying hi. :) and procrastinating, of course. (yes, even at 11:20 am...you can procrastinate any hour of the day!)

ina bean procrastinated at 11:15 AM


I'm stealing internet! My brainwaves get a (woah weird. the guy on tv just said brain as i typed brainwaves) break! YES. okay byes. doot.
Christina procrastinated at 10:31 PM


hehehe the brainwaves comment was really funny for some reason. =P

HELLO FALAFEL! since you'll prolly see this at the top of your dashboard again and freak out harhar. the only reason why it doesn't freak me out is cuz i have this blog on a different screen name hmmm...

somehow the three of us are kinda sorta using this again hehe. =)

Stephanie H. procrastinated at 6:37 PM


i have no internet. This is submitted through brainwaves. Goodbye.
Christina procrastinated at 1:10 PM


oh wow haha that was totally supposed to go on my own blog but i didn't even see it was this one until i pressed "publish" ahahaha this is really sad. it's only the first week of school too. dang. haha.
Freesha procrastinated at 11:13 PM

It's past eleven. I have to wake up at 6:45 tomorrow morning. WHAT am I doing??? I could barely stay awake during bio this morning. I even had to take an hour long nap this afternoon. I HATE naps. Gah!
Freesha procrastinated at 11:12 PM


OOG! and i didn't even say happy bday! fjdalgjds. lol. well..HAPPY LATE BDAY! hahaa. =P
Stephanie H. procrastinated at 7:22 PM


hahah! wow i'm sooo surprised. haha steph you revived it on my birthday! no wonder. i was so confused when i accidentally clicked on this blog instead of my other one cuz i'm so used to the other one being on top. haha
Freesha procrastinated at 2:39 PM


LOL...i was so confused when i found this at the top of my bloglist... i was like..wha? Who POSTED?! OMGAW!!!!! Lol...
Christina procrastinated at 5:26 PM


HAHAHAAH wow no one's updated in a while and everyone's forgotten about this! * gasp! * lol senior ball...
Stephanie H. procrastinated at 11:44 PM

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